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These are our recommended ISP's (Internet service provider) and Web hosts. I use Clear Wimax and am very happy with it.Its a brand new high speed wireless Internet service that is faster , simpler, and more affordable than DSL or Cable internet, If your interested we do sell it here at A Plus Computers. Now as for Web site hosting, there is only one service that stands out of the crowd and it,s Solo Build It!I knew next to nothing about building a web site, but I knew I needed one. So I researched it on the internet, and researched it, and researched it, and one name kept coming up as #1, Solo Build It!. Now the reason its #1 in my book was not because of their hosting facilities, which are fast and reliable, those are a dime a dozen, it was their support. Their support was so good, I had my site up and running in less than a week, with no previous knowledge of how to build a web site. Not only that, but they offer some amazing, easy to use tools, that none of the other hosts provide, and they have a whole range of other excellent services as well. I can not recommend them highly enough. With their tools, anyone can build their own high quality web site. We also just switched our cellular phone service to T-Mobile and we couldn't be happier.


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$7.95 Broadband Phone Service


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