I Can Not Connect
to the Internet


CAUSE::Your modem may be bad, if its dial up internet, if its cable or DSL, you may have a bad ethernet card, (also known as network card) or your cable or DSL modem may be bad. This is frequently caused by storms, and power surges. Some viruses and spyware may also cause connection problems.

SOLUTION: First call your ISP, (internet service provider) and see if they can help you troubleshoot the problem. If its dial up internet, go to (this is for windows XP, other versions of windows may varie slightly) start, Control panel, phone and modems, modems tab on top center, properties, diagnostics tab, push the query modem button. If the modem responds, it is installed properly. If not, you need to check the control panel, device manager, for any problems, indicated by a yellow circle, and reinstall the drivers as detailed in low color resolution trouble shooting. If you are getting a message "No Dial Tone" thats usually a bad modem. If its cable, or DSL, try disconnecting power from your cable modem for 10 seconds, do the same for your router, if you have one. If your getting a message that the computer will be shut down, as soon as you connect, that could be a virus. Run your antivirus software, and follow the steps to remove spyware in Slow computer troubleshooting.

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