How to Find Cheap Tickets on the Internet

Ah, I'm dreaming of that relaxing vacation, but cash and time are tight. Where to start. Here, thats where. Who needs a travel agent, these days if you have a computer, and high speed internet helps alot, everything you need is right at your fingertips. There are several types of online travel booking sites. I,ll start with Hotwire since it's a little different than the others. With hotwire you decide what your looking for, airfare, hotel, car rental, ect..., fill in your dates and the class, for example, type of car or hotel # of stars, then hit search, it will give you a price, however the catch is untill you accept the offer, you don't get to know what company will be providing your travel arraingements. In other words, you don't get to pick the airline, hotel chain, or car rental agency. I like to check first with Hotwire, then check some of the others, if I don't care about the companies, and after checking, hotwire was lower, I,ll choose Hotwire. Now I,ll give you some links to some of the other general travel booking sites.

If your flexable with your travel plans, in other words, you can go anytime you like, and are not on a specific schedual. Then you may be able to save money using these last minute deal type sites. You must be able to leave right away though.

These are called aggregator travel sites, and they work like a search engine, and combine data on cheap flights from sources including airline sites and other travel booking sites such as Orbitz, among others.

Side Step
Looking for a cheap cruise, try two of my favorites, listed below. I like to cruise out of Galveston to save on airfare, its only a four or five hour drive from Arlington, and you can see some beautiful wildflowers on the drive down during the spring. $500.00 all inclusive weeklong cruises are a dime a dozen.

Sea Saver
I,m a big lover of State and National Parks, especially historic ones. I love camping, and my dream is to RV around the country. Sound good to you?. Try some of these links

Cruise America

If you love the outdoors, consider joining the sierra club, help conserve the outdoors and recieve a great magazine with some excellent ideas for future outdoor vacations at the same time.

Banner 10000086

Can't decide where to go. Try this travel review site to get some ideas.


Finally, you got there, now your lost. Try these map sites to find yourself again.

Google Maps

When you get where your going, you'll probably need a way to get around, here's some car rentals.


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