My Computer
is Freezing,

Cause:When the computer is freezing it is one of the hardest computer problems to solve because it could be almost anything. Here's a small list of possible causes: Bad RAM memory, harddrive going bad, Spyware/Adware, Power supply going bad, corrupt windows files, viruses. People sometimes tell me the mouse is frozen, when actually the whole computer is frozen, to check, push the windows key on the keyboard, if the keyboard works, then try cleaning the mouse by removing the ball, and cleaning the dirt buildup off the rollers, also make sure its plugged in properly, and none of the pins are bent or broken

Solution: To test to see if it's bad memory download Memtest86, test for bad RAM when computer is freezing and run the program, if bad memory is found, replace it, if you have more than one stick of ram, pull them out one at a time till you find the bad one, see if your computer is freezing still. If the memory passes the test, go to Slow Computer Troublesooting and follow the steps to disable all your startup programs, and remove spyware. Still freezing, go to my computer and right click your harddrive, click properties, and see how much free space you have, if your almost full this could be the problem, especially if you have been getting low virtual memory messages. Push the disk cleanup button, then go to control panel, add and remove programs, and remove as many programs as you can, if your no longer using them.

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