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Computer troubleshooting is a process in which you try to find the solution to a problem. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot. Start with the most simple things first. Here is an example. Problem: My computer will not turn on. First, is it plugged in?, sounds stupid, but that could be the problem. Is the computer connected to a surge protector?, if so is it switched on, and are any other devices that are plugged into it working, if they are, you know its delivering power, if they are not, look for a reset switch, and reset it. Now is there an on/off switch on the back of the computer power supply, and is it turned on?. Is there a way to change the voltage from 110, to 220 and is it set to 110 for US power. See how I worked my way from the wall, to the power supply of the computer, simplest first. I would now try a new power cable, you could have a bad cable. You get the Idea?. Use the internet to research your problem. If your getting a strange error message, type it into google, and do a search. Read any manuals you may have for the problem device, see if it has any troubleshooting sections. If you follow this method of computer troubleshooting, you may be able to solve the problem yourself, and save some money. Good luck.
The computer troubleshooting section will be in this format, Problem: Red light, your stopped in your tracks with a problem, look for your problem in the list of problems then click on the link to be taken to the page with the, Cause::Yellow light, caution, the probable cause of your problem and Solution:Green light, go, the solution to your problem. We assume you have basic knowledge of computer components. You may be required to open the computer, if you are not comfortable doing this, bring the computer in for service. Do not worry, there are no high voltages inside the computer, you will not get electrocuted, just do not open the power supply which is sealed, and has warning labels on it. Beware of static electricity from your body, which can damage computer components, turn the computer off and ground yourself by touching the frame of the computer, before handling any internal components. lets begin.

Problem: When I turn on my computer, nothing appears on my monitor.
Problem: Colors are distorted, I can't see pictures, everything is too big.

Problem: My computer has gotten really slow.
Problem: I can not connect to the internet.

Problem: My computer is freezing, my mouse will not move.
Problem: My CD or DVD drive or burner, is not reading disks, or burning.

Heres a really great, and funny site, with lots of good computer troubleshooting info, its Dr Bombay's, Bombay institute. Dr Bombay is a columnist with the Ft Worth Star Telegram, and writes a weekly column, with Q&A about troubleshooting computer problems. He also has his own web site, here it is. The Bombay Institute

Answers that Work, Computer troubleshooting is another great site for computer help, and troubleshooting. If you dont find the answer your looking for on our site, try it Answers that Work.

Have a problem thats not listed? Type your problem into the suggestion box, and we'll try to add it to the troubleshooting section.



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