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If you want to download free movies, music, games and programs, first let me say this, and give you this warning. We at A Plus Computers do not condone the free downloading of copyrighted music, movies, games or software. Under the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copywrite Act)it is illegal. The same goes for copying movies. Im sure youve read about people being sued by the record companies, and movie studios for downloading songs and movies from the internet. They generally target people who have large quantities of music or movies on their harddrives in their shared folder. When you participate in these file sharing networks, be forewarned that it is possible for other people to see what you have in your shared folder, and possibly elsware on your computer. So, if you do decide to do it anyway, dont keep much on your PC, burn it off and delete it. That said here is a listing of some of the most popular file sharing networks.

Now, here is one that works slightly differently and I would say better than the others. It is called Bittorent. The way it works is you download the bittorent client (program). Then you go to a site that hosts the torrents which can be music, movies, games, software, etc..., you can find these hosts by doing a google search for the word torrents. Once there you search for whatever your looking for and click on the download link. The bittorent client will automatically open, and ask you where you want to save the file. You can save the torrent link so if you get disconnected, you can just click it to start the download again. I will give the links to one Bittorent Client called Bittornado (there are several different clients available) and a link to search for torrents

ISO Hunt
Now we come to the legal stuff you can download free. You will find available on the internet what is called Freeware and Shareware. Freeware is software that is written and provided for free download or on a donation basis, and shareware is similar but usually you will get software that is not fully functional untill you buy the full version. Here are links to two good sources for freeware and shareware, but beware of spyware and adware, these free types of software either track information about your surfing habits or cause frequent popup advertisments to bombard your screen or they may hijack your homepage and slow down your computer. They are usually disguised as helpful utilites such as search tools, memory managers, internet optimizers, time and date utilities, and ironically antispyware programs.
download free programs at

And finally here are a few pay by the download sites for music. Enjoy. But first, take a moment to visit our new

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iTunes: All Your Music, All In One Place

"Napster Official Site - Get Free Trial!"

Wal-Mart - Music Downloads

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