How to Burn

The first thing you need to burn CD's is CD Burning software, the most popular CD Burning software suites are, Roxio's Easy Media Creator 7, and Nero 6 Ultra, or if your running windows XP you can use the built in burning capability of the Windows Media Player.

I usually use Nero, so I'll go over the various options for burning a CD using Nero. I like to use the Nero Express interface, so if you have Nero installed on your computer go to:

All programs
Nero 6 ultra edition
Nero express

From there you will see the options, data, music, videos/pictures, copy entire disk, disk image or saved project. First Data, if you have data that you would like to burn on your harddrive, move your mouse pointer over data, then to data disk, then push the add button. You must now locate the data you would like to burn off, by default nero will look in my documents, because that is where most people save data, if the data is stored in another location, then browse to that location, Nero will remember the last location you browsed to and it will become the default if your data is in a location other than my documents.

Once you've located the data click it once and then click the add button repeat the process for each file you would like to add, pay attention to the bar at the bottom, which indicates the fullness of the disk, you may fill the disk to the yellow line. When your finished adding files push the next button which will bring you to another screen with the burn button on the bottom, the burn button will light up if it detects that you have a blank disk in the drive. Select your recording speed or you may use the default speed that nero preselected for you, (Tip: Use slower speeds for burning audio for better quaility, and longer lasting CDs.) then push the burn button and your done.

Follow the same procedure for Audio, if you select audio it will convert your songs into a format that is playable in a CD player if you pick mp3 then it will only play in cd players that support mp3 playback. Video CDs or VCDs, are like DVDs, except they are burnt onto CDs instead of DVDs, the VCDs are highly compressed, so quality will not be as good as with DVDs, and it usually takes 2 to 3 CDs to store a movie, you must have a DVD player that supports VCD or SVCD playback to play them or you may play them in your computer.

The copy entire disk option is good if you would like to copy an entire music CD or Program. Simply insert the disk you want to copy in the burner if you have only one drive and push the burn button when its ready for the blank disk it will prompt you to insert it, or if you are using a computer with more than one drive, put he original in your CD or DVD drive, and a blank disk in your CD burner and push the burn button.

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