How to Copy Movies

Lets talk about how to copy movies, it seems to be one of the hottest topics going these days, everyone wants to do it, but few people know the in's and out's, thats where we come in. First, if you've been to the Free Downloads web page of our site, and read the article, you'll know that copying movies is illegal, unless you own the movie, and its a backup for your personal use, even then breaking the encryption on the movie is illegal according to the DMCA. The movie studios do not want you copying their movies, thus we come to the two major obstacles to copying movies. 1. Being that the movie studios do not want you copying their movies, they encrypt the movies with CSS (content scrambling system) and other forms of encryption, and they are constantly improving the encryption. 2. Commercially produced DVD disks hold roughly twice as much data as the DVD disks available to us for burning. Now that the problems of how to copy movies are understood, the question is what are the solutions. You must use software that breaks the encryption, our favorite is

Anydvd believe me weve tried them all, and this is the best. Next you'll need a program to compress and copy the movie. Clone DVD made by the same company as Any DVD, Slysoft is the one we use, they work together, and produce outstanding results, or try DVD cloner 2, which performs both functions.

My next tip regarding how to copy movies is to use good quality media, (media is the term used to describe blank DVD's or CD's) if you buy cheap media, you are likely to experiance skipping, or freezing during playback of your burned movie copy. We recommend Ritek or Ridata media, it's the best. You can purchase it at our shop or at meritline or

Once you have decoded your movie using this process you can make multiple copies using a DVD duplicator.

. For detailed instructions on how to copy movies, DVD's or do anything else related to video, for example video editing, making VCDS, turning your own home movies into DVDs and much more, try this link How to copy movies & Video Help
Now, as for the type of computer you'll need, obviously one with a DVD burner, the DVD burners come in different speeds 4,8,16x and different formats +, -, or combo +/-. If you read the side of the box, it will tell you the minimum, and usually the recommended system requirements needed to install it in your computer, for example the minimum might be a 400MHz processor and 128Mb RAM.

You may be able to install the burner in a 400MHz machine, and it may work fine for burning plain data or music, but in order to unencrypt the movie, you'll need a CPU thats up to the job, we recommend a computer of 1000MHz or better, with at least 256Mb RAM, and you'll need at least 5 gigabytes of free space on the harddrive to temporarily store the movie. Once you've got the movie copied, you may want to make a cover for it, we use Click -N- Design to make the covers

Doom 9 is another great website with guides about, how to copy movies, DVD burning, ripping, audio and much more. It also has links to other excellent sites with lots of good info. Get the

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