How to Rip

There are many programs you can use to RIP a cd, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and Musicmatch Jukebox to name a few. What exactly is ripping, extracting digital audio tracks from an audio CD. A software program that extracts audio files from a CD is called a ripper, the most common format is MP3. If you want a more detailed exlpanation check out this link digital music tutorial. Once you have read the tutorial and gotten a basic understanding of what the advantages of ripping are I recommend the following free ripping utility Exact Audio Copy Everything you need to learn how to use EAC is included on the EAC web site, under links you will find the tutorials. Another good site about ripping MP3's is located at

You will also need LAME which handles the compression functions for EAC. The link above is to a web site where you can download LAME. When you install EAC it will ask you to browse to the directory where LAME is located. Sign up for A Plus computers newsletter for tips and tricks about ripping CD's and more, just fill out the form below.

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