Windows Tips,
Tune Up Your PC

I've created this page on Windows tips, to help you tune up your computer, and share some of the tips and tricks me and some of the other techs use on our PC's. First I'd like to share an excellant site I,ve just discovered with lots of Windows tips, called Update XP, you can find lots of useful information, tips, tricks and troubleshooting help there, check it out.

Lets begin with keeping your PC up to date by downloading the latest Windows updates from Microsoft. Microsoft is constantly finding out about security flaws in the Windows operating systems, when they discover a flaw, they will put out a windows update patch to fix the problem, you can configure windows to download and install the updates automatically, by going to start, control panel, system, and selecting the automatic updates tab. Microsoft will put out a service pack once they have to many patches, right now they are up to service pack 2 for Windows XP, to find out if you have it, go to the control panel, under system, in the general tab it will list any sevice packs you have under where it says Windows XP. Speaking of Microsoft, if your having any Windows related problems you can find the solutions at the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Windows XP, and the Internet Explorer browser, is an appealing target to hackers because of its popularity, for example Apple Macintosh users rarely have any problems with viruses because its not as popular as Windows. One way around this problem along with keeping your computer up to date with all the latest updates from Microsoft is to use another internet browser like Mozillas free browser Firefox

in addition to being more secure it also has a lot of great features not included in Internet Explorer. The also make a Email application called Thunderbird, which I haven't tried yet, but if its as good as firefox is I sure will.

Here are some tips to keep your PC running in top form. Make sure and Install an Antivirus, Antispyware and Optionally a firewall program(If you have service pack 2 for Windows XP, it includes a built in firewall)to keep your PC safe. For a list of some check out this link Protect your computer. Whenever your installing new programs, read what it says while your installing, dont just push next, next, next. Usually the new program you are installing, will ask you if you want this program to start automatically everytime you start windows, say no to everything except your antivirus, antispyware, and firewall, if you dont, all these programs starting automatically will start to slow your PC down. Use quick launch instead of having so many programs starting automatically, right click on your takbar (the little bar down where your start button is) select toolbars, and select quicklaunch to activate it. Use disk cleanup, and disk defragmenter, on a monthly, basis to keep your harddrive Purring like a kitten, they can be found under programs, accessories, system tools.

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